Unleash the power of print with Custom Zone

Custom Zone is a full-service digital printing company that specializes in meeting
the printing needs of both the corporate sector and the public.


Custom Zone is a full-service digital printing company that caters to the corporate sector and the public. We provide high-quality printing and packaging products, ensuring that each client’s needs are met. Our team of skilled and dedicated staff, as well as our use of top-quality materials and modern machinery, ensure that we consistently produce excellent results. Our focus on quality and detail has allowed us to build long-term relationships with satisfied customers.

Our vision is to be a leader in the industry through exceptional service, strong relationships, and innovation.
Our mission is to exceed customer expectations with innovative printing solutions.
Our goal is to consistently delight our customers with the best print solutions for their needs.

The Rise of Custom Zone

A Journey of Innovation and Vision in Digital Printing

In 2016, the companies under the group struggled to find a reliable and high-quality printing solution for their various projects. From booklets to VIP gifts and giveaways, they were never quite satisfied with the outcome of their outsourced printing services. However, one day, they decided to take matters into their own hands and invested in an A3 laser printer and a small manual cutter. With this new equipment, they were able to produce printed materials of exceptional quality that were loved by all who saw them.

Soon, requests started pouring in from other companies, not just within the group. It was then that they realized the potential of this newfound printing venture. One day, a sister company in the amusement park and entertainment industry asked for their help in printing initials on t-shirts for customers visiting their gift shop. Without hesitation, the team invested in a heat press and vinyl cutter machine, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Customers loved it, and the sister company saw a significant boost in revenue from this new service.

From there, the team continued to expand their offerings to include mugs, mobile cases, key chains, and sublimation t-shirts for birthdays. Business was booming, and they knew it was time to take their venture to the next level. They attended printing and gift expos in China, Dubai, Thailand, and Europe, constantly seeking new and innovative ideas to stay ahead of the game.

Thanks to the vision of their owner and general manager, they set their sights on creating something truly unique and different from other printing companies in Qatar. From a small 2sqm space in the entertainment gift shop to a sprawling 1,700sqm factory in Birkat Al Awamer, Custom Zone has grown into a full-service digital printing company with state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality printing in all of Qatar. With a team of 21 dedicated and skilled employees, they continue to strive for excellence, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of printing.

From a humble beginning, Custom Zone has come a long way, and the journey is far from over. They remain steadfast in their commitment to providing their customers with the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction, and they won't stop until their vision is fully realized.