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UV Printing with Our
5 Meters Machine


Experience unparalleled printing precision with our 2880DPI resolution, ensuring razor-sharp images and vibrant colors that leave a lasting impression.

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Our cutting-edge 5 meters UV machine boasts 16 print heads, enabling faster production and delivering high-quality prints in record time.


Elevate your visual displays with our 6-color printing capabilities (CMYK, LM, LC), capturing the finest details and achieving unmatched color accuracy.

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Our UV printing machine boasts a remarkable 2880 DPI resolution, setting a new standard for printing quality in Qatar. With 16 print heads and 6 colors (CMYK, LM, LC), we achieve sharper, clearer images and dramatically improved color reproduction. The 3 Pl nozzle ensures high-resolution printing, capturing even the finest details with precision.

The capabilities of our 5 meters UV machine are unmatched, allowing us to print on an extensive range of materials with outstanding results. From PVC and vinyl to blacklit film, photo paper, flex, textile (including roller blinds), and more, we offer unparalleled versatility to meet your diverse printing needs.

When you choose Custom Zone’s UV printing services, you not only get unmatched printing quality but also premium finishes that enhance the visual impact of your prints. The UV-cured inks ensure vibrant colors that stay vivid over time, and the prints are resistant to fading, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Despite the large format and high-resolution capabilities, our UV printing process is remarkably efficient. This allows us to offer faster turnaround times without compromising on quality. With Custom Zone, you can have your large format prints ready for your marketing campaigns, events, or exhibitions in no time.

Elevate Your Brand with

Large Format UV Printing

When you partner with Custom Zone for your large format UV printing needs, you gain access to a world of creative possibilities. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to bringing your vision to life with impeccable precision and artistic finesse. Whether it’s striking banners, captivating posters, or stunning textile prints, our 5 meters UV machine ensures a grand visual experience that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Unleash the full potential of large format UV printing with Custom Zone. Let your imagination run wild and create remarkable displays that elevate your brand image and set you apart from the competition. Embrace the power of our state-of-the-art UV printing technology and unlock new horizons of creativity for your business.

Custom Solutions for Every Project

At Custom Zone, we understand that every project is unique. That’s why our large format printing services are fully customizable to meet your specific requirements. From materials and finishes to sizes and installations, we work closely with you to bring your creative vision to life.


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