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IMAR Group

Client: IMAR Group
Production Year: 2023-2024
Scope: Providing and printing all stationery for IMAR and its six sister companies and subsidiaries.
Objective: To deliver consistent, high-quality stationery and printing solutions that meet the diverse needs of IMAR Group and its affiliates.
Brief: We are delighted to showcase our ongoing collaboration with the esteemed IMAR Group. As the primary supplier for all their stationery prints, Events and digital printing needs, we are honored to support IMAR and its six sister companies and subsidiaries. Our comprehensive services include the production of high-quality
stationery and the provision of digital printing and marketing solutions, solidifying our position as their number one supplier.
Impact: Our collaboration with IMAR Group highlights our capacity to manage extensive and varied printing requirements efficiently. As the number one supplier for
all their events and marketing needs, we play a crucial role in supporting their brand presence and operational success.