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Al Sadd Sports Club and 1969 Fitness Hub

Production Year: 2020-2024
Scope: Supplying merchandise items and VIP trophies for various tournaments and events.
Objective: To provide top-tier merchandise and trophies that enhance the brand image of Al Sadd Sports Club and 1969 Fitness Hub, reflecting their prestige and
commitment to excellence.
Brief: We are proud to highlight our ongoing collaboration with the esteemed Al Sadd Sports Club and 1969 Fitness Hub. As their primary supplier and provider of
merchandise items and VIP trophies, we have played a crucial role in supporting numerous tournaments and events. This partnership showcases our ability to deliver high-quality, customized products that meet the unique needs of prominent sports organizations. Beyond merchandise and trophies, we provide a full range of
printing and promotional solutions. This includes event materials and marketing collateral, supporting the broader operational and promotional needs of our clients.
Impact: Our partnership with Al Sadd Sports Club and 1969 Fitness Hub highlights our capability to manage extensive and varied production requirements effectively. As their number one supplier, we have consistently delivered high-quality products that enhance their brand presence and contribute to the success of their
events. This collaboration reinforces our reputation as a trusted provider in the sports and fitness industry.