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Client: Ministry of Culture
Event: Qatar National Theatre Awards
Production Year: 2024
Scope: Manufacturing and supplying gold-plated and pure brass awards representing the Qatar National Theatre emblem.
Objective: To create luxurious awards that embody the prestige and significance of the Qatar National Theatre and honor the achievements of its recipients.

Brief: We are honored to present our collaboration with the Ministry of Culture in manufacturing and supplying the awards for the Qatar National Theatre. These prestigious awards, crafted with gold plating and pure brass, were designed to represent the iconic emblem of the Qatar National Theatre. This project underscores our dedication to excellence and our ability to deliver high-quality, customized awards that reflect the prestige of such a significant cultural institution.

Our collaboration with the Ministry of Culture for the Qatar National Theatre Awards highlights our ability to deliver high end, customized awards for prestigious events and exemplifies our commitment to quality, customization, and excellence. By providing exceptional products that reflect the theatre’s heritage and significance, we contributed to the overall success and prestige of the awards ceremony.